Hunting in Ukraine, in the Kiev region

Hunting ground "Trypillian Hunter" Ltd. invites you to hunt in the Kiev region. We have created all necessary conditions for your pastime in our ground has become an active and exciting holiday. A large number of animals, professional gamekeepers, hunting towers, a full range of additional services - all this allows us to meet the needs of even the most demanding hunters.


Hunting ground is located in the territory of the Obukhov, Boryspil and Kagarlyk administrative regions with the central base in the outskirts of Kagarlyk. Only 45 kilometres from Kiev, and you will find yourself on the territory of our land, which covers an area of ​​50 thousand hectares. Undulating terrain with ravines and gullies created favourable conditions for the habitat of wild animals, and therefore we can offer you different kinds of hunting.


The daily work of our highly qualified staff will allow you to remain satisfied with the process and the result of hunting. "Trypillian Hunter" offers individual, battue hunting and hunting in groups for wild boar, European roe deer, as well as hunting for fur-bearing animals (rabbit, fox) and bird hunting (waterfowl and hunting for field birds and wading birds). Support of qualified gamekeepers increases your chances of success. We can offer you hunting with dogs or without, hunting from a tower. We provide you with transport for hunting with a driver (UAZ and Niva), portable means of communication, experienced gamekeepers chop up an animal on a central base, equipped with a refrigerator to store it.


After an exciting day of hunting "Trypillian Hunter" welcomes you in a hunting lodge with all the facilities, which includes three separate rooms, a dining room for 15 people and a kitchen with utensils. Additionally, you can order a cook.