We invite experienced hunters to join the exclusive club in the hunting ground.

 "Real hunter is not the tourist with the gun and not a butcher"

Private club of hunters was created to restore hunting traditions and culture of hunting, their strict observance, development of hunting grounds. Narrow collective (8 members) of those who can not imagine his life without hunting and wants to take the advantage of being the part of the club.

Each member has the right to get 4 ungulates hunting in group (limit: 8 boars, 4 roe, 7 guests) and two individual hunt of trophy roebuck in the territory of "Trypillian Hunter" in season, as well as predator, rabbit, birds hunting without limit.


Club members are required to pay membership fees and comply with the ethics of hunting, in particular:

  • to take care of nature: to comply with fire safety regulations (do not make a fire among dry grass, do not throw cigarette butts outstanding, to extinguish a fire after the rest);
  • do not litter (do not leave in the forest empty packs and bottles, cans, paper, and pick up litter with herself), because a hunter in the wood like at home and at home we do not litter;
  • respect the wild animals, do not be cruel to them, do not take a picture riding a trophy;
  • respect the work of employees of hunting farm and rights of the other hunters; unquestioningly execute commands head hunting, express yours suggestions in a polite manner;
  • the right of first shot has the one whose birds has risen, and then the rest of the hunters; do not shoot the animal, which going to another hunter;
  • wounded animal after shot belongs to the person who wounded it, a wounded animal; should be killed
  • wounded animal in case of shooting it for several hunters with no apparent results belong to hunter who shoot the last;
  • do not shoot a prone rabbit, poultry - not in flight, except when using a decoy;
  • real hunter does not use electronic decoys, night sights, is not hunting with vehicles, snowmobiles, etc .;
  • during the hunt hunter need to choose just one thing: hunting or drinking vodka.


Become a member of the club can the citizens of Ukraine and foreign hunters over 18 years old, who possess permits for hunting (hunter identity, control card, a resolution on the right to use firearms hunting weapons).

Admission to the club is on a competitive basis, you can apply until 31 December 2015, by filling out the form below. Out of the club membership is on a voluntary basis, except in cases of violation of the rules of the club and late payment fees. New person can become a member of the club only by taking place of ex-member.